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I have totally eaten mountain strawberries before and wondered if I was going to die of poisoning for my curiosity, having not know what they were.

jo 戎嶋

Hi, I noticed in your flickr stream you are making umeshu, are you planning to do a post on how to make it, I'd love to have a go but I am completely clueless. !! :o)


Claytonian, glad you survived.

Jo, I am indeed, but probably not until tomorrow. I should have done it a bit earlier because the season for umeshu is nearly over, so if you want to do it you'll need to hurry!


Hey ya! Karen from NY. Your blog is fascinating. I grew up in Japan and work for a Japanese company now and think that I am strangely a weird gaijin. However, girlie you are amazing with all of your J-food. You are a fab okusama!


I love yama ichigo! It's amazing you got these berries and herbs at your local park. I always wondered where you can find yama ichigo around here. Thanks!


Wow, such a variety of berries! They all look very fresh and delicious.


Thank you Karen!

Etsuko, I hope you can find some near you!

They were, Garon!

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